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The pricing for the RoTPK +1 is WAY too high itís three times as much as a +2 weapon why is this? The +1 to save dc and attack rolls of spells isnít that powerful and as I almost exclusively play Warlock as long as your party takes 2 short rests a long rest and has 2 to 4 battles every short rest one more spell slot a long rest is hardly worth three times that of a +2 weapon. Also the wand of the war mage is priced far below it as well and I think the ability to ignore half or three quarters cover can be very useful almost as much as the one spell slot recovery of the RoTPK. Also you have your last RoTPK still a +2 instead of a +3.
+1 DC is more valuable than +1 to-hit.

Attack rolls do, pretty much universally, damage. Saves can be much worse.