2/11 here on the LD - MontBlanc BSB, FuSoYa BSB.

Well, with MontBlanc's RLM that I've gotten before, it's time to oogle the Moogle and grow the Beard. I did a few pulls for MontBlanc before, got other things, but as the saying goes: "He who endures and persevere eventually reaches his destination".

FuSoYa will hang over with CoD and Raines at my team of Holy Mages, featuring Minwu and Mog. I will dub them the "Unexpecteds".

I also got Iris USB on a last day 100 gem pull. It's more or less a copy of Yuna's USB, and Iris has a pretty good BSB to work. Still, it's nice.

Avoiding the water Banner for now. The thing I want most there is actually Yuffie's RLM. And I figured I can go for it on a FF VII Banner - need to update my stuff there.