Count me in with the bad pulls.

2/11, no Discos, one dupe, salty AF.

  • Snow's Longcoat. The non-dupe. As you can see, when the non-dupe is a LMR, and the LMR itself isn't anything to write about (same as Paladin!Cecil, boost ATK when hit), you realize it's a bad pull. I mean...Snow has absolutely nothing, but this doesn't really help him that much - I mean, sure, he has a decent default SB, and he has Knight and Monk skills which allow him to hit with Fire, Ice, Earth and Holy (with an overabundance of Earth, even if he's Ice-spec'ced), he still relies on skills, and must consume one for Gaia's Cross. Not exactly something great to write about, especially when Sazh has a better version of his default SB for the entire party, and he has no other SB to talk about, so his SB Gauge is wasted completely.
  • Ursula's Rune Claws. The dupe. To say the dupe is infiinitely better than the non-dupe is kinda insulting, but if I had gained something else in the Happy Gacha, it'd have been a saving grace. know, getting something else in here.

Once again, deprived of the Paladin Wall, and some other goodies. Man, I feel like the Happy Gacha just swallowed ALL of my Luck. All of it. Dammit, Vriska!