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    Default Re: Metal thread IX: Metal To The Pedal To The Other Metal

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    Any good suggestions for metal bands with a hint of prog? I listen to Symphony X, Savatage, Queensryche (well, sometimes). Dream Theatre haven't been of interest for a long time. So nothing where it's only technical
    Oh hi, I can add some lesser known bands

    There's Junius, apparently more post-metal than prog, but it fits. Helps that it's an amazing album all round anyway.

    Also Need, a sort of Scenes From a Memory-type prog (from back when Dream Theater was still good )

    Also Anneke van Giersbergen's side projects: Vuur, her solo project, and the collab with Arjen Lucassen The Gentle Storm. Both excellent.

    Sunburst, prog-power, kinda like if Kamelot went prog (the guy sounds exactly like Tommy whatsisface).

    There's Myrath, Tunisian prog with a Middle Eastern flavour. No real parallels to Orphaned Land except for the Middle-Eastern-ness.

    Arcane is now sadly disbanded, but the couple of albums that they put out is amazing. Jim Grey has a heavenly voice. And speaking of which, his other band, Caligula's Horse, is just as good, albeit not really metal. Still definitely worth a listen though.

    And then, possibly my favourite band in the world than no-one has ever heard of, is Shadow Gallery. Metal with a bit of a classical side, amazing musicianship and delicate vocals. Great band, but they're not really a touring band so they're a bit off everyone's radar.
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    Awesome fremetar by wxdruid.

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