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    Default Ryle Sheet

    Spoiler: Ryle Application

    Name: Ryle
    Age: 137
    Species of Origin: Human
    Ego Classification: Chimeric
    Morph Classification: Synthmorph - Steel Series, TIC series model #493, Custom
    Psi Activity: N/A

    Desired Position: Agricultural Management - Aquaponics

    Spoiler: Long List of Qualifications
    Karlsruhe Institute of Technology:
    - Computer Science PhD
    - Cryptography PhD
    - Cyberphysiology PhD
    - Cyber Security Licentiate
    - Electrical Engineering Licentiate
    - General Engineering Licentiate
    - Intelligence Sciences Licentiate
    - Nanotechnology Licentiate
    - General Sciences Bachelor with Honours
    - Applied Mathematics Bachelor

    University of Freiburg:
    - Cybersurgery MD
    - Nanomedicine MD
    - Surgical Medicine MD
    - Computational Neuroscience PhD
    - Human Psychology Licentiate
    - Biochemistry Bachelor with Honours

    Turing Institute of Titan:
    - Egosculpting MD
    - Psychosurgery MD
    - Trauma Medicine MD
    - Archaeology PhD
    - Ego Sciences PhD
    - Linguistics PhD
    - Xeno-Archaeology PhD
    - Xeno-Linguistics PhD
    - Business Licentiate
    - Epidemiology Licentiate
    - Inner System Economics Licentiate
    - Inner System Law Licentiate
    - Applied Chemistry Bachelor with Honours
    - Quantum Computing Bachelor with Honours
    - Astrobiology Bachelor
    - Exobiology Bachelor
    - Genetic Sciences Bachelor
    - Sol Botany Bachelor
    - Sol Zoology Bachelor
    - Xeno-Biology Bachelor

    Kuiper Institute of Advanced Social Education:
    - Forensics PhD
    - TITAN Science PhD
    - Applied Memetics Licentiate
    - Architecture Licentiate
    - Industrial Mesh Licentiate
    - Industrial Nanofabrication Licentiate
    - Malware Design Licentiate
    - Network Engineering Licentiate
    - Simulspace Engineering Licentiate
    - Forgery Bachelor with Honours
    - Old Earth History Bachelor with Honours
    - Political Science Bachelor with Honours
    - Applied Physics Bachelor
    - Astronomy Bacheler
    - Astrophysics Bachelor
    - Astrosociology Bachelor
    - Habitat Engineering Bachelor

    Medical and Psychiatric History:
    - Manic Episodes (Diagnosed)
    - Multiple Personality Disorder (Diagnosed)
    - Paranoia (Diagnosed)
    - Phobias (Diagnosed)
    - Schizophrenia (Diagnosed)
    - PASS (Diagnosed)
    - ODS (Diagnosed)

    Criminal History: N/A

    Spoiler: Ryle Character Sheet

    Name: Ryle (Brian Wojtek)
    Age: 137
    Gender: Male
    Affiliation: Argonaut with ties to the Titanian Commonwealth and Lunar Lagrange Alliance
    Crew Role:
    - Agricultural Technician (3rd Aquaponics Bay Manager)
    - Exsurgent Task Force (Advisor)
    - Extrasolar Encounter Council (Advisor)

    Ego: a Chimeric Consciousness: A mash of a human consciousness, a couple of AGI, and a smattering of muses and helper AI; All of them working together as one, in three copies wired to a single cyberbrain.

    Spoiler: Standard Morph, Ryle

    Morph: Ryle, a highly tailored masked humanoid Synthomorph designed after a Steel morph to appear human.

    Appearance: Designed to vaguely resemble Brian in his later years, Ryle is a 6'4" tall, fit man with short grey hair, a clean short beard, fair skin, and amber eyes. Designed to be handsome and somewhat more youthful than he was in reality at the age it's modeled after, the morph is designed to appear human except in the case of his forearms (which appear to be made of paneled white ceramics), hands (which are made to appear of the same ceramics), and the eyes which he has three hexagonal amber lenses sitting in each socket.

    Design: Ryle is a highly advanced and extremely tailored morph, used as a general purpose morph by its extremely wealthy owner. Cutting edge in pretty much every way its ceramic frame is sheathed in synthetic flesh and blood maintained and cleaned by nanotechnology. Its head rather than carry a brain houses a series of revolutionary sense organs, while its torso is filled by a large heavily personalised quantum encrypted cyberbrain with the latest processing and simulatory components as well as the necessary three stacks (two functioning as part of a ghost riding system holding two alpha forks of Brian Wojtek), dead mans switch (superthermite wired to the stacks), and power plant taking up exactly as much of the space that would otherwise be taken by biological components. The eyes and arms are the only outwardly obvious synthetic components, the eyes necessarily appearing synthetic due to design specifications, and the arms being a personal choice to maintain functionality across purposes. The arms are constructed of highly-advanced ceramics and contain beneath honeycombed panels a variety of access jacks (of a variety of designs) and tools; while the hands are designed with utility in mind, with wrist mounted tools and branching fingers designed to branch apart as many times as needed at a moments notice.

    Usual Clothes: Ryle's usual clothes are a "martian style" business suit (Armour clothes with a lotus coating), with magnetic micrograv boots, an old electrum coptic cross, and a tungsten signet ring. He's frequently also seen wearing a survival belt, radio farcaster, and nanodetector bracelet.

    Usual Equipment: The usual equipment Ryle carries on him are an Adaptive Interface, a Covert Operations Tool, an Ecto (Data and mesh access, built into his left arm and hidden under panelling), FIberoptic Cables, a Fibereye, a roll of Grip Tape, two cans of Repairspray, a pack of Batteries, and a Utilitool.

    Usual Weapons: Ryle's usual choice of weapon is a rail pistol modeled after an old Earth Bren Ten, with an inbuilt smartlink and safety system, which he loads with armour piercing rounds (which he carries two magazines for, beside a spare battery). He also carries on him a flex cutter hidden under panelling on his arm, and a cheap utility knife on his belt.
    Spoiler: Artwork

    Notable Skills: In his life, before and after his digitization and merging he was well educated and versed in most subject matters. He is expert in regards to AI, ego, and cybernetic technology as well as xeno-archaeology and TITAN research. He is skilled at cyberwarfare, and regularly uses a skillsoft system. He knows quite a bit about synthmorph tech and has toyed with the idea of incorporating xenotech into his cyberbrain.

    On the vessel, with a lack of need for his particular specialization during the voyage he has used his influence to take on a position in the agricultural sector working with the hydroponic crops, with the condition that he's on standby to assist in emergencies.

    History: The oldest and most dominant component of this ego was born 137 years ago on Earth under the name Brian Wojtek as the first son to a family of wealthy German land owners, subtly attempting to forge its own empire through the EU and criminal enterprises through land acquisitions and bribes across Europe. But the child was for some reason drawn to an academic career and while still a part of the family, he was quickly replaced by siblings who eagerly took the positions of power that could have been his.

    Well educated and born at just the right time he was one of the original lunar colonists (or atleast he sees himself as such), and following that Mars and then the outer reach.

    He left his station when word reached him that seed A.I. had declared war on humanity back on Earth. He intended to study them. The fork that was on planet was captured, killed, something... The fork watching from orbit was killed when the station was hit and pulled into orbit. The fork on the moon was reported to have been contaminated in the mesh before self destructing. The fork on mars received the final reports and left for his home back with the Autonomists to merge back with the original, after the TITANs disappeared.

    At some point in the past, during early ego experimentation and AI pioneering he volunteered himself to a project he was involved in that left his ego code in an infinite loop of merging and fracturing with itself and a large amount of implanted code composed of a smattering of AGI and Muse AI. These minds have never truly reached a balance despite the passing of time and their general consensus to act in the common interest of the whole.

    History (Current): 137 years of life hasn't exactly been kind to Brian despite his net worth across the system increasing by the day, most of his family and lifelong friends being lost to the TITANs. He keeps the friends he makes close, he has a keen understanding of technology, he appreciates art of all kinds, he's fascinated with xenotech and the TITANs. He understands the universe for what it is, uncaring. He's slowly losing his ability to relate with the majority of humanity due to, the state of his mind and his long life. Oddly enough is still religious though.

    His goal in life or so he sees it is to understand the TITANs and their tech; devise a way to use TITAN, alien, and contaminated tech safely; ascend to something akin to a Seed A.I.; Retake Earth and eventually profit as its new benevolent overlord.

    He's put his everything into this and maintains a stable of alpha forks and facilities around the solar system operating independently from him and his facilities under engineered identities, with the goal of eventually collaberating on and working with whatever discoveries each has cobbled together along with their individual resources to better humanity.

    It's one of these forks, taking on the name Ryle, that has volunteered to take part in the program, using a combination of forged credentials and subtle manipulations by a corporate "cell;" To see the stars, secure the future of humanity, and someday return or so he hopes. He pooled his individual "cell's" resources into it and is taking what he can safely move of his "on hand" resources with him to the wild black yonder.

    Accrued Mental Illnesses: Ryle suffers from Paranoia, Manic Episodes, Mild Multiple Personality Disorder (Ego experimentation has caused his mind to be somewhat fractured, wiring three stacks to one brain doesn't help either), Mild Schizophrenia (Related to his Multiple personality disorder, he hallucinates input from the other pieces of his mind acting on their own as well as in the environment surrounding him), and Phobias (Ego Prisons, and the Exsurgent Virus). He does what he can to hide these problems.

    Other: Onboard the ship in a secured storage locker are three steel morphs designed as variants on Ryle's basic structure to have any salvageable components from Ryle integrated into them, and in his personal quarters enough fabrication equipment to reliably manufacture synthetic flesh and material to cover them; though of course not as well as the current model.
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