Brother Jaume will need help - the awkward nature needs more strength than he is able to easily bring to bear.

The corpse is exactly the same as he and Brother Jaume remember. The same dead body, including the other dead body in the room. Of course, that also means you get the following from each one....
Spoiler: Double-Dipping the Treasure
Masterwork Silver Dagger
amulet of natural armor +1
(2) potions of cure light wounds

So, besides just Brother Jaume (who seems to jump at everything; but yes, BJ, cast a vote if interested in something) ... who is interested in what? The two NPCs (Heck, Nadya) are interested in what is here as well. Heck is particularly interested in the amulet to keep his little self alive. Nadya thinks the dagger is pretty, but isn't sure she'd use it, so is willing to take a potion to hold. ("To hold" because she feels that if she had it, it would be her responsibility to not hoard it as "her own" but use it if someone drops and no healers are around.)