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Anyone actually use Tyro? I have his quick cast LMR and Godwall, but just seem to never have room in a party except as an Enthruster.
I use him in a fair handful of my teams, mostly for Wrath+Entrust, dances, or Full Break + Affliction Break. I've found him extremely useful for a handful of magicite battles thanks to all the slots saved by his USB3, though that's not super valuable until you've cleared all the 3*s and unlocked Fabula Raider. Even then, I use Onion Knight (BSB+LMR) sometimes instead since he can use Meltdown/Vortex + Entrust instead.

I also really like having Tyro for my non-elemental team. OK is there on DPS thanks to doublecast Celerity, so Tyro can handle the supporting.

Beyond that, I used him for Siren for a bit since Memento Mori + Ultima Weapon gave him an edge over Onion Knight, but that's preeeeeetty niche.