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    The energy known as ki is present in all living things, and though every monk learns to control it directly, not all who tread the adventurer's path are so disciplined. They craft their ki into spells, devastating and beguiling, into Rage, deep and true, or into unparalleled mastery of the battlefield.

    The Sifu understands this, and does not reject these manipulations of ki as undisciplined or wasteful. Instead, the Sifu guides and mentors their allies, molding their wasted ki to make forge the Adventurer into a newer, better, weapon. Stronger of steel and truer of purpose.

    Master's Guidance:
    Starting at third level, the Monk has begun to learn the basics of the art of instruction and guidance. At the end of a long rest, the Sifu may designated one willing creature with whom they shared at least one hour of meditation, conversations, and practice, and spend a Ki point to bind their spirits together.This ki point does not refresh at the end of a short rest, and you may only be bound thusly to one creature at a time. Such a bound creature is known as the Sifu's Todai.
    While a Todai, the bound creature has access to gains one half of the Monk's proficiency bonus or the Todai's Wisdom modifier (whichever is lower) to their armour class and to damage rolls made with Simple weapons, as well as a ten foot increase to their walking speed. While within walking distance of their Todai, the Monk may teleport adjacent to them as a bonus action.
    The Sifu-Todai bond immediately breaks if either party wishes it, and lasts only until the end of the next long rest, at which point the Sifu may bond with a new Todai of their choice.

    Cascading Ki:
    Upon reaching sixth level, the Sifu has learned to touch the ki of others, and shape their wasted energy back into a coherent force. As a bonus action, the monk may reach out to touch an adjacent creature, and restore their class-specific resources, at a rate of one to one, which each level of a spell slot costing one ki. The Sifu may instead choose heal a number of hit points equal to their Martial Arts die plus their Wisdom modifier per ki point spent, and may always do so, even if the targeted creature does not have a class or a subclass resource.
    For example, the Sifu my touch a Wizard and expend three ki points to restore a third level spell slot, or touch a Bard to and expend a single ki point to restore a single use of Bardic Inspiration (or a first level spell slot; Sifu's choice). They may spend no more than their Wisdom modifier in ki points this way per round, but if the affected creature is the Sifu's Todai, then this restriction is lifted.

    Master's Fluid Form:
    Upon reaching the heights of Eleventh level, the Sifu may use an action to spend four ki points to cast Haste on one ally within walking distance. If the targeted creature is the Monk's Todai, then it only costs them two ki points, instead.

    Borrow My Power:
    At seventeenth level, the Sifu's ki suffuses the spirits of his allies. Any creature that the Sifu considers their ally can spend ki points from the Sifu's ki pool as if they were the Sifu, and may target themselves with the Sifu's Cascading Ki or Master's Fluid Form class features. The Sifu may choose to disallow this as a free action.
    The Sifu's Todai can ignore the normal restrictions on weapons and armour when using their Sifu's ki, allowing them to use Step of the Wind, Flurry of Blows, and Patient Defense as though they were an appropriately-garbed Monk, themselves. The Sifu is unable to disallow their Todai's ki expenditure.
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