Web Golem

11 RHD? Ouch.

20 strength and Large size are the exact same melee chassis provided by an ogre, except the ogre doesn't miss out on three points of BAB and can get PrC capstones. The special abilities don't exactly save this thing either: the poison is weak (and strangely unlimited despite being nonmagical in nature), 3/day Web is useful but not unique, and Spider Climb at-will ceased being useful half a dozen levels ago.

Oh and before I forget: this thing is vulnerable to fire, because of course it is. Given that fire is an incredibly common damage type even when discounting spells, that's not a good thing.

The golem's DR, fast healing, and adhesive ability would all be rather useful... if there was any reason for monsters to attack this thing at all. That said, I must admit that no-action disarms and grapples can be quite powerful, so against less intelligent foes this might actually be a rather useful ability.

Even so, -0 LA.

This concludes our golem tour, get ready for the Grimweird in a few days.