"That's a pretty lousy reason, honestly. If I had someone suddenly catch fire from being in my presence, I'd just assume they probably deserved it and let them be," the cyborg explains, in between grabbing handfuls of the smaller Felandria dolls and chucking them towards the hole in the aquarium tank. If enough of them stuff themselves in the cavity, that should keep it from leaking long enough for the octopus himself or one of the smarter dolls to patch up the glass themselves, surely.

"Probably a very reasonable explanation for what happened that isn't worth all this fuss, anyway. Maybe the robot just took a bath in gasoline earlier or something, I dunno." Nor does Magtok particularly care. Failed experiments like this aren't worth revisiting. Dwelling on such negativity isn't healthy, and learning from your mistakes is overrated. Better to just bury the past in a tomb of concrete and move on to something better.