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    Spoiler: Egill the Unlucky


    Norse Berserker

    Spoiler: Personal Details

    Age: 34
    Gender: Male
    Hair: Sienna (Red Brown)
    Eyes: Grey Blue
    Height: 5'8"
    Weight: 185 lbs
    Starsign: Gnuthus the Ox (Dutiful Service)
    Dooming: Thou shalt see deep into the eyes of evil three times in thy life, and the third time shall be thy last
    Distinguishing Marks: Crooked Teeth

    Parents are deceased.
    Mother was a Marauder
    Father was a Peasent

    Hakon is his older brother, 38 years old and a bodyguard to Egill's old Jarl
    Hrodgar is a 33 year old mercenary who Egill's believes to have died raiding in Bretonnia
    Bera is a 31 year old mercenary who Egill thinks is raiding down south somewhere (the only one who still talks to him)

    Finna is his wife back with his old tribe
    They had 4 sons and a daughter

    WS - 31 (free advance + 2 advances) 46
    BS - 27
    S - 31 (2 advances) 41
    T - 31 (2 advances) 41
    Ag - 29
    Int - 30
    Wp - 32 (2 advances) 42
    Fel - 29

    A: 1
    W: 12/12 (2 advances)
    StrB: 4
    TB: 4
    M: 4
    Mag: 0
    IP: 0
    FP: 3/3
    (Shallya's Mercy on WS and S, swap BS and T)

    Experience::25/325 (750xp gained in the gap - 75/1075) (300xp after the Daemonhost - 175/1375)

    Spoiler: Advance Scheme

    Norse Berserker
    WS +15 (3)
    S +10 (2)
    T +10 (2)
    WP +10 (2)
    W +2 (2)

    WS +20
    BS +15
    S +10
    T +10
    Ag +10
    Int +10
    Wp +10
    Fel +20
    A +1
    W +4

    Spoiler: Skills

    Common Knowledge (Norsca) +10 (Int)
    Consume Alcohol +10 (T)
    Dodge Blow
    Intimidate (S)
    Outdoor Survival (Int)
    Performer (Storyteller) (Fel)
    Sail (Ag)
    Speak Language (Norse, Kislevan) (Int)
    Swim (Str)

    Basic Skills
    Animal Care (Int)
    Charm (Fel)
    Command (Fel)
    Concealment (Ag)
    Disguise (Fel)
    Drive (Str)
    Evaluate (Int)
    Gamble (Int)
    Gossip (Fel)
    Haggle (Fel)
    Perception (Int)
    Ride (Ag)
    Row (Str)
    Scale Sheer Surface (Str)
    Search (Int)
    Silent Move (Ag)

    Spoiler: Talents

    Acute Hearing: (+20 to Perception skill tests that involve listening)
    Frenzy: (spend 1 round psyching yourself up, +10 to Str and WP, -10 to WS and Int, must attack the nearest enemy in melee, all-out attacks, charge attacks and swift attacks only, can't flee or retreat, ends when the combat is over)
    Inured to Chaos: (If you have a mutation, you gain a +10% bonus to tests made to resist gaining additional mutations.)
    Menacing: (+10 to Intimidate and Torture tests)
    Quick Draw: (Once per round can ready as a free action)
    Specialist Weapon Group (Two Handed):

    Spoiler: Gear

    Common clothing (shirt, breeches, worn boots)
    Tattered Cloak
    Belt Dagger (SB-3)
    Sling Bag w blanket, wooden tankard, wooden cutlery set
    Sword (SB)
    Light Armour (Leather Jerkin) (Body 1)
    Bottle of Spirits (drunk it)
    Shield (SB-2, Defensive (+10 to Parry), -10 to BS tests to shoot you if you're aware of the attack)
    purse of 8 gold

    Mail coat and helmet from the village raid
    Great Weapon (owes Bjorni a favour)
    Fish hook and line
    Grappling hook
    Bed furs
    Wolf Hide
    Castimir's armour (full plate ooc 381)
    Castimir's shield (p.330)
    Amulet from Jarl Aemon (p.218)
    Corpseflower token (Maria's gift)
    Piece of Jet from the tomb loot
    Greenskin picture book

    Gold and Costs
    47 gc 13 s (raid loot)
    -12 pennies on cheap beer
    -10 GC on Great Sword
    -3s on fishing hook and line
    -4gc grappling hook
    -20p beer
    -10s room for Sigrun at Kollsvick
    -30GCs to repair armour
    -Bed furs
    -Booze for the Reavers (11 bottles x 5 cost for better quality)
    -Base cost of good booze 1s x 21 (x5 to the total cost)

    -Gambling winnings (7 gold, 11 silver, 18 copper)
    -More gambling winnings (15 GC, 13 silver, 23 copper)
    Tomb loot (130gcs, 140 silver, 150 copper - various denominations)

    Ogvai - Bear Cub

    Spoiler: Mutations, Gifts etc

    Prenhensile Tail - Tomb of Corruption 47 - Grows from the base of the spine, use as a third arm

    Spoiler: Background

    Egill son of Skallagrim is an imposing man who is known for his grim demeanour while at peace and his air of barely suppressed rage in all other contexts. He is an unkempt man in well worn clothing with a bushy red beard that he makes minimal effort to maintain. Since his de-facto exile, frequent excessive drinking has meant that his body has started to run to fat.

    Egill grew up as a typical warrior of the Aesling tribe in north-eastern Norsca. The Aesling, as with all the northern tribes, hold a reputation for bloodthirstiness that derives from their need to survive all the dangers of their homeland. The Aesling in particular suffer from their proximity to the Chaos Wastes and are frequently the target of raids from some of the Kurgan tribes to their north. Egill was part of the retinue of Jarl Diermait Wyrdmake, who made a habit of raiding far into the Wastes in order to punish the Kurgan that dared raid the Aesling.

    -Brought something back with him from campaigning in the wastes that leaves Egill subject to increasing violent rages that can only be dealt with through battle
    -Lucretive career as a raider as Berserkers are seen as useful to have around- mostly raiding other Norse, Kislev and the Norse Dwarves
    -Killed a Seer - the Seer had a habit of throwing his weight around - both his status as a valued advisor to the Jarl and his untouchable position as a Seer - no weregild - Torvald Bale-eye
    -Egill meant to scare the man but lost control
    -Exile followed - marked for death if he goes back but moreover has this reputation now that has followed him as he travelled Norsca

    -Need to atone - human Troll Slayer
    -Currently ambivelent about his rage - loses you control and gets you killed to no great purpose
    -Need to be a better warrior because it allows you to do better deeds and prove your worthiness

    Egill is 34, has a family and is going to fat, so I'm going to say that he used to have a fairly lucretive career as an Aesling raider before his exile from his tribe for the accidental killing of a Seer. Egill's old Jarl is angry with him for this action as the Seer was a valued advisor but worse for him is the reputation he gained amongst the Aesling for killing a servant of the Gods. While he has a little leeway as a Berserker who is understood to be not always capable of controlling his rage, killing a Seer is typically thought to attract the anger of the Gods and will likely result in some great punishment for Egill and anyone who associates with him. Now, most of his friends and family want nothing to do with him.

    Now Egill wonders Norsca fighting for anyone willing to pay him. He is still a Berserker, and thus is a valued member of any raiding party who don't know of him and his reputation. He probably used to be a bit more bloodthirsty and enthusiastic in his raiding, but coming to terms with what he is capable of may have left him a little more introspective. He needs to attone for what he did through his future deeds if he can. He must seek out the strong to test himself against them in battle, and if his only hope is a good death, then so be it.

    Spoiler: Advances

    Completed Berserker
    100xp to advance to Sergeant