Magtok loudly sighs in exasperation. This is a waste of time. That generator still needs to get turned back on. Our fallen empire isn't getting back up on its own, after all. "Look, it's just a robot. We've still got two more floors to go, and I don't want to stick around long enough for some other monster to show up on this floor. I've got plenty of other robots that know how to build robots, we-"

Hey Magtok, you remember what happened with all of those other robots, right? The Magbots that used to populate this place? You gave Sunny control of the MagCave before you left, and she set them all free. They've since scattered across the Nexus. Absolutely none of them stayed here. You ever think about why that might be? How your most loyal and dedicated workforce happily took the first opportunity they could to vanish away where you couldn't get to them, and how none of them even tried to get back in touch when you made your official return to the Nexus? As crazy as it might sound, I don't think the Magbots ever actually liked you, Magtok. Do you have any idea why that might be?

"...Alright fine, let's do this," he sighs again, kneeling in the dirty octopus tank water, looking over the Feltok thing, trying to figure out exactly what the dolls did to make the big Felandria-stein Monster in the first place. The parts involved look pretty familiar up close, which is hardly a surprise, given they're Magtok's own cyborg bits and pieces. It shouldn't be too hard to power down the whole thing if we rip out the right battery, but Asaigh wanted it intact, didn't she? That also means we can't just leave it here to be torn up by the first spooky techno-organic horde of rats that strolls in looking for spare parts. It needs to stay safe, and it needs to stay here.

"Listen. Hey, FelBot. Mommy has to go downstairs and turn the lights back on, alright? She needs you to stay here with your sisters where it's safe until she gets back. Just switch to sleep mode, take a quick nap, but keep an eye out for trouble, and I'll be back in less than twenty minutes, okay? Then we'll clean you off, fix up your parts, and everything will be okay. I'm sorry the fire thing hurt you, but you're safe now, and we're going to help you. Everything's going to make a lot more sense in a few minutes, when we've all calmed down and can talk about it," Magtok promises in an uncharacteristically soft, gentle whisper. He's still recoiling in disgust on the inside, but he tries his best not to let it show. Robots have feelings too sometimes, even the really stupid ones.