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    Default Re: Land of the 6 Kingdoms 2: Please Let This Be A Normal Interdimensional Field Trip

    Rocket roll his eyes, looking suddenly irritated and eying Adelpha: " The past is just the past, its pollutting the present. I have a mission to do... And look who is ruining MY kindness right now: YOU! I already being VERY kind to give you the benefit of the doubt. I gave you that without ANYTHING in return. Look, Adelpha, I know my crew is a bit... edgy about changelings but your kind is at odd with the rest of the Kingdom. I'm giving you A CHANCE to show me you arent the evil changeling I should just capture and throw in a cell forever... and you try to bargain that?! Give me one good reason I shouldn't do just that and just assume Velocity is already dead. "

    Rocket find her unbelievable... He made it clear he was her only ally here and yet she have to audacity to try to bargain?!

    Although he didnt say it... he was wondering if she was just stalling.
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