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    Default Re: Strange Aeons: In Search of Sanity II [IC - Group #1]

    R1T10: “Jean, try to move in so we can bring numbers to bear!" The simple warrior takes a defensive stance and readies his staff.

    R1T9: Javert flies in, and in doing so provokes an AOO from both ROUS'. DR2 hits for 3, and DR1 hits for 1. Javert shrugs it off and continues and upwards until he flaps at the height of the top of the tall desk inside.
    Spoiler: Javert >>> Jean
    "I don't see any sign of him up here!"

    End Round One, Begin Round 2 ...

    Despite cover and his martial stance, DR2 still manages to nip Jean on the side of his abdomen for 1.

    R2T20: Another bit of rock bounces towards DR1 and misses.

    R2T19: Dorn, what do you do?
    Spoiler: Central Hallway

    Jean on deck, DR1 in the hole ...
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