Entry Requirements
Concentration 6 Ranks
Feats: Overchannel
Manifesting: Must know one or more first level powers

Hit Die: d6

Level BAB Fort Ref Will Special PP Manifesting
1st +0 +0 +0 +2 Surging Psyche 1 +1 Manifester Level
2nd +1 +0 +0 +3 Channeled Insurgence 3 ---
3rd +2 +1 +1 +3 Oversurge 6 +1 Manifester Level
Class Skills: Autohypnosis, Concentration, Craft, Knowledge (Psionics), Profession, Psicraft, Use Psionic Device. 2 + Int Modifier Skill Points

Wpn/Arm Prof: A surger gains no new weapon or armor proficiencies.

Manifesting: At 1st and 3rd level, the surger increases their manifester level by one. The surger does not gain new powers known, increase their maximum power level, or power points gained (except for those gained from a high ability score). If the surger does not possess a manifester level prior to taking levels in this class, they gain a manifester level equal to their class level (gaining PP for a high Cha score).

Surging Psyche (Ex): A surger possesses a measure of their psionic power separate from power points called a Surge Count. A surger's Surge Count defaults to 0. As a swift action, the surger may increase their Surge Count by 1. A surger may have a Surge Count of up to 1 + 3 x their class level.

Whenever the surger uses the Overchannel feat, they may increase their Surge Count by the amount they increased their manifester level with the feat.

While the surger's Surge Count is greater than 0, they suffer a penalty to Concentration checks equal to their Surge Count but gain a bonus on Will Saves of equal value. While the surger's Surge Count is 4 or higher, they increase their effective manifester level by one, this increases by an additional one at Surge Counts 7 and 10. While the surger's Surge Count is 7 or higher, the surger is treated as if they were psionically focused (they may not expend this psionic focus but may gain and expend their normal psionic focus). While the surger's Surge Count is 10, the surger may, as a swift action, gain psionic focus without needing to make a Concentration check.

At the start of an encounter, the surger can choose to increase their Surge Count by their class level - 1, taking no action to do so.

A surger may also choose to set their Surge Count to 0 as a swift action.

Maintaining a Surge Count is draining when not in a high stress situation. A surger that maintains a surge count greater than 0 for one minute when not threatened by an enemy or in a stressful situation (any situation that would prevent the surger from taking 10 on a skill check) becomes fatigued. If the surger is already fatigued they become exhausted. If the surger is already exhausted they fall unconscious and their Surge Count is set to 0.

Channeled Insurgence (Su): As long as a 2nd level or higher surger's Surge Count exceeds 0, they may spend a swift action each round to channel their unstable mental energies into a power, charging it. When first using this ability, the surger must choose a single power to Channel. While Channeled, the power may not be manifested and has a Power Count of 0. When the surger spends a swift action to charge the Channeled power, they increase its Power Count by their Surge Count, to a maximum of the surger's manifester level with the Channeled power. At any time, as long as the Power Count of the power exceeds the minimum power points needed to manifest it, the surger may discharge the Channeled power, manifesting the power as if they had spent a number of power points on it equal to the Power Count it possessed before being discharged.

The surger may use Overchannel with the Channeled power, but must choose the manifester level increase when they first channel the power and take damage when they discharge the Channeled power.

Oversurge (Su): As a free action, when discharging a Channeled power, a 3rd level or higher surger may lower their surge count to increase the effective manifester level and number of power points spent on the power by the amount their Surge Count was lowered.

Using an Oversurge is a mentally draining endeavor. After using an Oversurge, the surger becomes exhausted and cannot increase their surge count until they rest for five minutes, at which point the exhausted condition is reduced to fatigued and the surger may increase their surge count again. The Fatigued condition persists for another 5 minutes, whether the surger rests or not.