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    Default Re: Land of the 6 Kingdoms 2: Please Let This Be A Normal Interdimensional Field Trip

    Quote Originally Posted by igordragonian View Post
    "W-wait! Are can you he sure, yiu won't hurt her?!" Roxan barked panicked, horrified as well
    (Since you decided to leave Rocket ALONE with the bug... well with Hawflight character maybe? Im not sure where she is... In any case, I'll presume she ignored Rocket command and went to free Velocity)

    Rocket sigh heavily, shaking his head: " Im new to this captain thing. And it seem the grudge between Changelings and ponies is not going away anytime soon. But I assure you that I want to solve this issue peacefully. Now please, who do you mean by "we" ? You mean you and your colony? You want to establish yourself in the Kingdom of Honesty and invade here as well? That's why you are trying to put discord between the two? You guys don't want to live peacefully, you really need to invade other kingdom? Why not stay in the fallen Kingdom of Kindness? "

    He look very... disappointed and sad. He truly feel this way. He was hoping this changeling would prove him otherwise... but it seem like the stories are true. At least, that what he used to believe was still the right thing to do, as nopony is willing to left the other alone
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