Hello there.
I apologize in advance if there are answers to my following questions hidden somewhere into this thread, but reading all pages would be unapproachably time-consuming to me. I'm also referring to the Deluxe edition of the game.

1) Is Elan's Poorely-planned illusion intended to be so OP? Granted I happened to be very lucky when playing as Elan, since I managed to get all three copies of them during the early game AND the shticks that also lets you wound an enemy instead of moving it (can't remember the name right now), it seemed a little too much: counting boosts from other Elan's cards and loots, PPI had a base defense/offense value of 14-16! In comparison V's Fireball, whilst killing a lot of enemies in one go, never reaches such high grounds (it caps at an attack value of 5, if I'm not mistaken).
Were we playing it wrong? Was the boost nerfed? Do generic boosts to attack and defence (Dorukan's necklace, Bard song cards flipped through Lute, and the like) not apply, do monsters get to throw a die? It's a lot to unpack, I know, but PPI left me and my friends that much baffled.

2) We also noticed that some shticks, while having boost options, come in only one copy (Belkar' Sexy shoeless god of war is an example). This makes them virtually un-boostable, doesn't it? Were they meant to be boosted via Screw this! cards only? Or did we lose some?

Thank you for your patience.