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Ooohhh that's good with the Water Sharpshooter stuff though.

Edit: I’m thinking Tellah’s BSB for mage team. Thoughts?
Yeah, I've nicknamed it Hate*-ball. Also, Tellah's BSB is an incredible mage party buff, but his damage is kinda meh, even with the bargain cmd 2. But since he can also bring White Magic, I find him pretty useful. It isn't difficult to have his BSB ready right after the third turn if you are healing with him, or hitting weakness. He adds some fair bit of damage, but his true value is increasing the DPS of the other teammates with Fastcast. On the other hand, those teammates are Maria, Rinoa or Vivi, so it may not be entirely fair to him.

I think his closest competitor would be Mog's BSB, who is better at buff stacking, because of BSB + Faith.