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Lynx Thornheart walks into the tavern, then looks around taking in the current diners and drinkers. Quite a good mix of people. He loves it when there's a mix of people.

The cat-person is wearing a black leather biker jacket over a white t-shirt, along with jeans and combat boots. He looks almost like a rambunctious biker ready to start a fight. I say almost because he has one thing that breaks the illusion, a black walking cane with a skull topping it which Lynx is walking with. If anybody can detect magic, they will detect a strong aura of magic emanating from the cane.

He sits atop a bar stool, leaning his cane up against the bar, and orders a Feline Fancy. He looks at his cane and appears to be talking to it.
Someone else is at the bar. A small, amber-colored dragon is ordering something. "Another pint of ale, good sir! Don't look so concerned, it's only my fifth!" The dragon takes his drink, and raises it to his mouth, only to notice Lynx's cane. He stops, and stares, fingering a little silver eye on a necklace of odd charms he wears.