Grove Guardian Archetype
Rangers see themselves as the protectors of nature, and some choose to focus on magical pursuits ahead of martial ones in hopes that they will be better served against threats. One order in particular has uncovered a closer connection with nature’s power to heal and revitalize, sending verdant energy surging through their allies. Although their offensives might not be as swift as other rangers’, these “grove guardians” are fierce defenders of their lands.

Grove Learning: Beginning at 3rd level when you choose this archetype, you gain additional knowledge of healing magic granted by your close connection with nature. You learn the following spells at the listed ranger level. These spells do not count against the ranger spells you know.
• 3rd – healing word
• 5th – aid
• 9th – aura of vitality
• 13th – grasping vine
• 17th – tree stride

Lifesurge: Also beginning at 3rd level when you choose this archetype, your healing abilities energize allies to make a quick strike. After you grant hit points or temporary hit points using a spell slot of 1st-level or higher, that ally can use their reaction to make one weapon attack against a target of your choice that you can see. If the spell targets more than one ally, you choose the ally who can make the attack.

Verdant Font: Beginning at 7th level, you can transfer energy from yourself to others when you rest. You can spend Hit Dice from your own pool of ranger Hit Dice to heal allies after finishing a short or long rest. Allies roll 1d10 + your Constitution modifier, just as if it came from your own pool, but they receive the benefits of its healing. Additionally, you regain extra Hit Dice equal to your Wisdom modifier whenever you finish a long rest.

Coordinated Tactics: Beginning at 11th level, you have learned how to work your way past enemy defenses more sharply when they are distracted by pain. Whenever you make a successful weapon attack against an enemy who has taken damage from one of your allies since the end of your previous turn, you deal an extra 1d8 damage.

Springroot Stride: Beginning at 15th level, you can use your connection to the earth to transfer movement to one of your allies. As a bonus action, you can reduce your current movement speed by an amount up to your remaining movement for the turn. On their next turn, your ally can add that amount to their movement speed. This change in movement speed lasts until the beginning of your next turn. To use this feature, both you and your ally must be standing on the same solid surface. Additionally, an ally who gains movement speed from you in this way also gains the benefits of your Land’s Stride and Vanish features.