"It'll work. Unlike most of the stuff here, they were built to last," Magtok insists, picking himself up out of the water. He's glad he didn't waste one of his precious purple robes on this adventure; dealing with the hem getting soaked and dragging along behind him the whole journey would've easily been the worst part of this whole stupid sidequest.

"So how are we going to do this thing once we get the power back on, anyway? Are you going to want an interview, going to take pictures, grab a shiny-looking golden idol and run out the door? I think it's only fair that I help out a little bit. Now, obviously I'm going to need to keep some things secret, I've done some dark stuff in the past, but there's some things down here I wouldn't really mind the public finding out," the cyborg explains, leading the way forward once again.

"For example, a few floors down, past the generator we're looking for, I had this entire apocalypse shelter thing set up. Thankfully I never actually needed it, but on the off-chance the stars were ever right, or if the skies turned red with blood and demons came pouring out of hellportals to eat up all the cities, or if the sun just set one day and never came back up again, I had everything figured out. I'd invite over everyone I want to preserve Nexus civilization with, lock the front door up and bomb the first few floors to pieces, and then we'd all have this quiet little underground commune with fake sunlight from a miniature star, big grassy fields, and enough guns to outfit an entire army if the shoggoths got to us. I dunno, it might make for a halfway decent thing to study, now that the apocalypse era is long behind us."

Okay, now from here, if Magtok's memory serves, we just need to cut across the subway station (which definitely doesn't go anywhere you need to know about), tiptoe past the goose pond (which is entirely devoid of geese, but occupied by one sleepy, distressingly sedan-sized brown toad Magtok doesn't want to deal with), and briskly walk around The Giant Disembodied Eye In the Wall What The Hell Is That Thing And Why Is It Built Into The Wall, before finally reaching the Akira reference elevator. Now, there's no power for the elevator, as has already been established, but fortunately for at least one of the two here, gravity isn't really a big problem. As for Asaigh, maybe she can just slide down or something, I dunno. She's a big girl, she can survive a simple little matter like getting down the giant weaboo elevator, thing right?