The descent in the giant weaboo elevator will not be a long one. As soon as they start making their way down, Magtok and Asaigh will find themselves assaulted by the stench of rot and decay. A searching gaze downwards will reveal the source to be a colossal fungal colony that seems to have grown into the base of the elevator shaft.

Oh, and it's swarming with rats. Lots and lots and lots of rats. Scurrying, squabbling, swarming rats. Probably best not to get too close to that.

While no doubt repulsive, the fungus-pile perhaps isn't all that odd. The rats might be, but any abandoned building is likely to get 'shrooms and spores somewhere. The fact that there's light faintly filtering through from somewhere on the next floor is perhaps a little more peculiar. Isn't the power meant to be off?

How very strange.