R3T18: Crouching into a reversed cut, Jean tries to make up for his earlier mishap, and drops the ROUS for 11!

R3T15-14: Erupting from all around the group just outside the door are hundreds and hundreds of rats! Heck takes 6, the rats can't seem to harm Dorn, Brother Jaume takes 5, and Jean takes 2!
Spoiler: Jean
"Rat-guy with crazy arms on top of the rear bookshelf!"

R3T13: Akbar, you were surprised by the sudden appearance of the rat swarm. Though you don't have scholarly knowledge, from the ratling fight in the library you know that ear-piercing scream is useless against a swarm (as is any single-target spell). What do you do?

I need Dorn, Brother Jaume, and Jean to all roll Fort saves vs. DC 12 or be distracted ...
Spoiler: Battle Map (Brown Square is Rat Swarm)

Brother Jaume (with readied action, which he may drop) on deck, Javert in the hole ...