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    Default Re: Erfworld Thread XI: Finally, it's HAMMER-TIME!

    Quote Originally Posted by JavaScribe View Post
    It's been implied for a while that Erfworld itself is basically alive and Fate works like a railroading GM. Hence why Wanda has said that you can kill a fated unit, it just results in something worse taking its place.
    I'm personally more than ready to find out what this "worse" fate would be. It's gotta be more interesting, for me as a reader, than more Wanda. It would probably be good for GK anyway, since the story seems to be pushing for Wanda to switch sides before we have even taken down the main antagonist of the story. Can we just set aside the sudden but inevitable betrayal (and become the new main enemy) until Charlie is dead? Can you just try not to screw things up for the side that you supposedly serve, Wanda? Just for a change of pace?

    As of right now though, it's just plain impossible for me to feel any actual tension at all. Am I supposed to suddenly be worried because we are told that fated units can die? Yea, sure, it's theoretically possible, but there is literally nothing to suggest that it's ever happened. Even when talking to carnies, who are all about beating fate, we have heard not a single story of them actually succeeding, and, at best, they can try and fulfil fate in ways that are not overly harmful to themselves.

    So far, the only way out is to stop playing the game (teleport back to their homeworlds).
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