"I'll study what I can, and anything you can give me will help," Asaigh says. "I already told you, but I expected this place to be long abandoned, and for the owner to be, well, actually dead and not... however you and your clones experience death. Vegetation and wildlife moving in usually imply that." Though she's a very experienced archaeologist, she clearly hasn't been in the Nexus long.

"Oh, you guys had apocalypse eras too? See, in the legends we have 'calamities.' Times where everyone says 'the gods got angry and made us humble again' or some crap like that. She rolls her eyes. "But then you go looking for the actual stories and usually someone got to be too greedy and messed around with forces they didn't understand. Most recent one was the Empire trying to pull down one of the moons like that wasn't gonna backfire hard.

Interestingly enough, Asaigh doesn't have any notable reactions to any of the strange sights littering the facility. Maybe she's seen similar before. While she can't hover down the elevator shaft, it isn't a problem sliding down, even as the horrid stenches start to hit her nose. She coughs a couple of times as she makes it to the floor, first noticing the swarm of rats. "Cripes, cleanup's gonna be a damned nightmare." She glances around, and sees the flickers of light, letting out a sigh. "And I'm sure that's a great sign."