Country: Jintha
Region : 108

Spoiler: Summary

Has special wood needs books / scrolls.

Amphibious Bipedal Turtles that live in a land where life is mostly decided by the high and low tide. All decisions need approval of an council of elders.

Spoiler: Terrain
The land of Jintha has a unique ecosystem which fully resolves around the tides. With the difference between high and low tide being between around 10 meters and rarely as high as 20 meters the majority of fertile land is located on plateaus that reside at this height. When the tide is high all that can be seen above the waves are islands, each of these islands houses either farms husbandry or forestry and the islands on the edges of the country house trading posts.

When the tide is low the salt water drains from the country (apart from a puddle here or there) and reveals the hills the plateaus reside on. Some have a steady decline in height while other have a death drop down. At the ground level of the terrain unique flora and fauna have developed from the unique stone wood trees which have the qualities of wood while wet but gains the properties (except for weight) of stone when dried to the flying frog which is often used as children's pets.

In the center of the land lies the ganzir geyser which is located over a vast network of underwater tunnels which connect to magma chamber. Eruptions happen twice per day on an exact 12 hour cycle.

Most of the villages are located at the bottom in giant holes which form network between caves these holes are permanently filled with water. Light only reaches the dwellings higher up and near the openings of the holes making light a luxury most Volzen do not have in their homes but as they do not need it to navigate under the waters this has not provided any other downsides. Major cities of note are the capital Zandar to the south and the trading hub Hansru to the north.

Spoiler: People


The Volzen are a race of amphibious bipedal turtles their three fingered hand are excellent tools for digging up the silt left behind from the receding tide that is used to fertilize their farms. The general fashion is shorts for commoners and robes for nobles. The tools used are hand axes for forestry, sickles and plows for farming and big rocks for husbandry. The shells on their back grow harder the longer they live and they have an average life span of 150 years.

The villages they live in generally span between 800 to 2000 Volzen however exceptions are found in trading hubs and the capital Zandar which house significantly more. The nobles tend to live higher than the commoners but most still live under the high tide sea level, only the richest tradesman and highest nobles having housing above the waves sometimes including libraries with paper books / scrolls and lawns to relax on. The plateaus are mostly used for work such as farms, forestry and husbandry with the occasional noble housing and taverns for the none water breathing visitors.

The villages are rules by a council of elders which in turn send a representative to the grand council to convey their villages wishes where the grand council must come to a unanimous decision in order for the vote to be carried.

In their spare time the adult Volzen like to sunbathe and read about ancient history on either imported books / Scrolls or on the coral tablets that all native writing is on while children like to play games like Rock or Friend (hide and seek) and flying frog racing.

Spoiler: Resources


Abundance/Export: Stone Wood these trees unique to Jintha provide unique wood which while wet can be used as normal wood and when dried gain the properties of stone but retains its weight this unique property was gained because of the tenacious silverfly which burrows itself only in the stone wood trees. As the trees get harder the silverfly's evolve to borrow through this new level of hardness and this cycle continuous.

Import: Books / Scrolls are very hard to find in the land of Jintha with the water destroying most if not all paper that people do manage to collect do not survive for long.

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Spoiler: Religion


Although the Volzen are not deep into their religion it is hard to argue when proof has been provided it works the major religion of Jintha is quatl Perijanism with most emphasis on Rieba however Xincoatl is still heavily featured among the many shrines that dot the land. There are three major religion sites in the land the grove of Rieba to the south, the grove of Xincoatl to the north the last remaining grove is in the far western reaches of the land whatever god used to be worshiped has been long forgotten and the ruins of the grove lie silent.