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    Quote Originally Posted by BoringInfoGuy View Post
    I think I have one to add. I知 playing a Wood-Elf Life Cleric of Mask named Rilis. *1

    Spoiler: Brief backstory
    A member of a band of smugglers, his actions inadvertently caused his group to be targeting and killed in ambush. A member of the group was Theron, a cleric well favored by Mask.

    Rilis and Mask struck a deal for mutual revenge.

    Determined to NEVER see anyone he cares about die again (and Mask holding Rilis in contempt for his part in the loss of a favored cleric) caused Rilis to choose the Life Domain instead of the typical Trickery.

    Life Cleric attitude: Selfish Bastard.

    I知 not here to heal every poor sap I come across.

    There is a small group which I now consider family. I will do anything to keep them alive. I値l give my own life gladly before I see any of them die.

    But outside that circle? You better believe that I知 considering if healing you will cause me to run out of spells for them. I値l let you die to keep them safe. *2

    And if you are actively threatening my family? No 鉄anctity of all Life nonsense will cause me the slightest hesitation before I kill you.

    *1 Keep in mind that unlike most domains, Any non evil deity can include Life Clerics among their followers.

    *2 Not that Rilis advertises this. He値l play at altruism if he thinks it will benefit the group by making a good impression. And hey, if he has some extra points that would be lost when using Preserve Life or someone happens to be in range of a Mass Heal spell, no reason to be stingy. Besides, the more friendly people up, the more chances that the next incoming arrow or axe blow will be aimed away from
    True Neutral Life Clerics, coming up. :D

    But seriously, I think a lot of people tend to associate Life with Good hard. (Heck, all five of the gods of Life I mentioned earlier are Good-aligned.) So it's interesting to see it tied to a different alignment. Though, on the other hand, the flavor text attached to the Life domain is pretty Good-aligned, despite saying "non-Evil"...
    Quote Originally Posted by PHB p. 60
    The Life domain focuses on the vibrant positive energy - one of the fundamental forces of the universe - that sustains all life. The gods of life promote vitality and health through healing the sick and wounded, caring for those in need, and driving away the forces of death and undeath.
    ... so I don't think that it's wrong that the norm is Good. The variation is still neat, though.
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