Magtok plucks a candy bar from a shelf, turning it about in his hands to check the expiration date, because that's so much easier than making eye contact right now. Drat, no good. Several years past no good, in fact. Some chocolate might've made a handy distraction from this little chat right about now. I suppose we could just pretend to be really interested in the list of ingredients and nutritional information, but Caelynn's not going to buy that kind of evasive nonsense, is she? I mean, maybe when you first met her, possibly, but she's not that innocent fifty(?)-year-old girl anymore.

"You don't need to worry about me. I'm not really dealing with Reinholdt right now. I left for like three years, so now I've got an entire MagCave to rebuild, gotta get the cloning tanks fixed up, all the spooky science monsters need to be put back in their cages, and-" Shut up. Nobody cares, Magtok. Certainly not Caelynn. This isn't the answer she's looking for, and you know, if you really are as busy as you say, and trying to be a better person like you keep insisting upon, it shouldn't be any trouble at all to make the promise she wants to hear, should it?

"...Sure, fine. No women, no children, no sins of the father. I won't so much as say a rude word to her, I promise," Magtok concedes with a heavy sigh, going through the various chocolates in search of something that won't have a sapient mold growing beneath the wrapper. It's an entirely foolish, hopeless endeavor; the primary ingredient is the same for every one of them. "You make me sound like I wasn't the absolute worst back then, Caelynn. Like I'd ever done anything right. I was a monster to you. The old Magtok probably would've gotten her involved in the feud out of spite, just because you asked me not to." Come on now; that's a bit of an exaggeration, Magtok. No, you probably would've just settled for telling Alexis about every little bad thing her dad had ever done, and then left her to her own devices in the hopes she'd commit patricide on her own initiative.