A brief look through the doorway leading out of the elevator reveals a corridor that is almost but not quite wide enough for two Magtoks to pass comfortably. Somebody must've got their measurements off slightly, and no doubt it led to plenty of awkward moments with Mags and Bots shoving awkwardly past each other, accidentally letting off the occasional blast from a lasgoose and so on.

The corridor is also, of course, full of twists and turns. The light is coming from somewhere down there, though. Investigate away down the slightly-awkwardly-narrow hallway if you dare!

Or Mag and Asaigh might get distracted by something a bit closer as three rats run off from the colossal fungus-pile, darting in front of them and dashing down the corridor, squeaking wildly as they go.

The lead rat is entirely flesh-y. The second rat seems to have gone through a Magtok-esque transition in which half of it is chrome-plated cyborg robot-y goodness. The third rat, which appears to be chasing the other two while squeaking in a decidedly more robotic tone, has gone one stage further and is entirely metallic, with not a scrap of flesh upon it.

<Magrat> "Help! Get away from me, you crazy metal freaks! I just wanted to eat some delicious fungus!"

<Rattok> "What? No, I'm not trying to chase you. Run faster, you idiot, before the Tokrat gets us!"


<Magrat> "You're crazy! You're both crazy!"

<Rattok> "Alright, you know what? Fudge this. You're twice the sinner I am in his eyes. He's all yours, buddy!"

In a frenzy of squeaks, the Rattok bites the Magrat's back leg, causing it to tumble. The Rattok scampers off to safety while the Tokrat descends upon his victim, biting down on the scruff of his prey's neck and starting to drag him away. "YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED. YOUR MEATBAG FLESH SHALL BE REPLACED WITH SUPERIOR ROBOTIC PARTS."

This would all probably be very enlightening if either of them speak rat.