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Thread: Simple RAW for 5e 4: Smackdown v. RAW

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dmdork View Post
    Q71 pole arm master feat lets you attack with the opposite end of the glaive as a bonus action. Can you take the bonus action first?

    Sage Advice ruling (this one is about the Shield Master bonus action shove, but it is very similar to PAM):

    Clarification about bonus actions: if a feature says you can do X as a bonus action if you do Y, you must do Y before you can do X. For Shield Master, that means the bonus action must come after the Attack action. You decide when it happens afterward that turn. #DnD


    I have a question regarding Transmute Rock:

    You choose an area of stone or mud that you can see that fits within a 40-foot cube and that is within range, and choose one of the following effects.

    Does this mean that I can choose any portion of stone/mud within the cube, or do I have to target everything that fits within it?
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