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"I was a card-carrying member of the Association of the Malicious, Evil, and Nefarious, Caelynn. Maybe not the most loyal AMENite, since I broke you out of your cell just because, but-" Magtok shakes his head. Trying to best Caelynn in the 'I was the worst person ever' Olympics is a waste of time, no matter how much worse we may have actually been, and talking about how we broke her out of AMEN's torture chambers doesn't help our case at all, either. He instead reaches out for a pack of gum. Gum doesn't expire after three years in a sealed container, right? We should totally be able to chew this gum without any issues, surely.

"Don't let her step foot in Riverside; it's a warzone right now. Some demon army is the new big evil menace these days, and they stomped all over VIGIL at least once, so they're not to be underestimated. GLoG should still be as safe as ever, even with the cat hanging around the campgrounds, but Mallside and the Dancing Fox Inn are still indisputably the safest places in the world, because fights just do not happen there, ever. The usual rules about tavern fights and fey-infested parks and signing weird contracts with strangers still apply, of course," Magtok explains, all in one breath. I hope Caelynn got all of that the first time, because the tin man definitely isn't repeating himself. Being even a little bit friendly and helpful and cooperative is agony, when all he wants to do is disappear or telewarp away.

"Honestly, this might be one of the safer points of Nexus history. I don't think AMEN even exists anymore. If she just makes friends, stays out of the bad places, and doesn't hang around the bad people, she should be fine." Magtok isn't sure if he can actually believe that, but it sounds halfway true, right? Things definitely used to be a lot more violent than they are now, and poor (60-something?) Caelynn looks overwhelmed with stress about her baby coming to the Nexus. A little half-lie won't hurt.

"Can I get you anything else while you're here? No charge, since I'm feeling nice and I don't have the cash registers up and running yet. Just keep in mind it's been like three years, so lots of the stuff around here has probably expired. A few cans of soup? A winter jacket? An awkward hug and assurance that you're a good mom and she's lucky to have you watching out for her? I don't see any long-overdue apologies in this aisle, but I can check in the back and see if we have any in stock."
At the mention of Riverside, Caelynn's face blanches a little (heh). "I'm not sure I could keep Alexis from going there if I tried, and I have a sinking feeling that something like that will attract her like a moth to a flame." She sighs, slumping a little. "I don't know just what it is with her, it's like she just can't help but throw herself into the most dangerous situations she can find... though knowing her parents, I guess I shouldn't be surprised." Despite the worries this news has given her though, the rest of Magtok's comments do seem to do the trick at easing her fears a fair amount, a greater deal of relief creeping into her expression.

"...a hug would be nice." From the shy little blush and glance away that follows this response, Magtok might get the sense that she hasn't had anything even resembling a gesture like that in a loooong time.