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    Default Re: The LA-assignment Thread IV: Live Free or Hit Die Hard


    Awesome guys, I can tell you that.

    ...my Lawful biases aside, justicators are fairly typical for high-HD (17, in this case) outsiders. They're Large, have bonuses to all stats (albeit disappointingly low ones), get DR/alignment, Spell Resistance, and some other random trait (in this case, immunity to paralysis), combined with a couple of spell-like abilities and one or two quirky special attacks (in this case, 4/day Smite Chaos).

    The spell-likes are... kinda meh. At-will Detect Chaos and Bless aren't great. 3/day CSW and Invisibility Purge are hardly worth mentioning, though 3/day Silence and Dimensional Anchor at least have some use against casters. 1/day Plane Shift is neat, Greater Command less so, and Dispel Chaos is awful.

    All things considered, and neat outsider HD notwithstanding, the justicator is a bad pick. I'd be prepared to argue a 17th-level paladin has more interesting and powerful options, whether magic- or melee-wise, and that's before going into dips, PrCs, and decent base classes. -0 LA, very maybe +0.
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