No immediate horrors await Asaigh and Magtok as they make their way along the hallway. Well, it depends if they consider a frantic squeaking rat being dragged along by a half-chrome-half-brass robo-rat to be horrible or not, as it scampers away ahead of them with its victim helpless to escape.

They could probably save the rat, if they want to. But why would they? It's a rat!

The hallway eventually leads to an open doorway, opening up into a vast warehouse-like space, the ceiling high above them, illuminating the room with row upon row of lights. Tangles of wiring extend down to the floor, connecting to:

Well, at first it might look a bit matrix-esque, as row upon row of slightly sinister black shelving lines the room. Except the shelves are squeaking. And whirring.

And actually the shelves are full of a neatly arranged series of containers, inside each of which is a half-chrome-half-brass rat scampering furiously away on a tiny treadmill.

A rough guess based on the size of the room, the number of shelves, the height of the shelving, we're probably talking about thousands of Tokrats here.

As they enter the room, Magtok and Asaigh are greeted by a questioning honk, as a decidedly un-fleshy goose with glowing robotic eyes that had been patrolling back and forth in front of the shelving turns to look at them, the eyes gradually growing brighter as it steps towards them.