Magtok wishes he had remembered to explain to Asaigh what a lasgoose was, how to keep them calm and happy, and most importantly, what to do in the case of a lasgoose attack. Unfortunately, he didn't. So we'll just have to settle for lunging towards her and trying to wrest her away from the goose as fast as possible, and get one of those shelves of robo-rats between them and the glowing red eyes of death before her entire face is melted off.

"Laser eyes! Get to cover, now!" he shouts, not that he's feeling very inclined towards giving her a choice in the matter. No, it's more of an explanation for his actions, a pre-emptive apology for grabbing her and tossing them both behind a row of treadmill-running vermin. She'll understand, I'm sure. Better to be quick and rude and alive, than slow and polite and a smoking corpse.