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    Default Re: The LA-assignment Thread IV: Live Free or Hit Die Hard


    Bird-people! To be completely frank I like their 5e incarnation (which adds a couple traits that make them stand out more) better.

    In a rare case of the universe answering my blessings, kenku have no RHD. Their ability adjustments are fairly standard (+2 dex, -2 str), and they have a few quirky abilities which I'll quickly cover.

    Two natural claws (1d3 damage each) aren't very notable, especially not when most PCs would prefer using weapons. +2 on Hide and Move Silently is okay. Mimicry is somewhere around at-will Ghost Sound in terms of utility, but not useless.

    Finally, there's Great Ally, which might as well be called 'pretty mediocre ally'. It increases the bonus a kenku gives on Aid Another from +2 to +3, and doubles the attack bonus against flanked creatures. It's not bad, per se, and a rogue will probably like the second part at least, but it's not 'great'.

    To be honest, these might be the closest to -0 LA out of all PC races I've ever covered here. However, I suppose that there's reasons to play them, and it's not like a kenku PC can't compete with tier 3 classes of equal ECL (if only because it could be those tier 3 classes). +0 LA, if barely.

    To DMs whose players want to play a kenku: consider adding two points of wisdom, or removing the strength penalty. At the very least, add some very limited gliding like ECL 1 dragonborn get.
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