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    Quote Originally Posted by Chester View Post
    That's flavorful. Yes.
    Awesome. I may suggest you blow a horn instead, but I assume that's still in keeping with being a marshal. Also, I may have replaced Dread Pirate with Legendary Captain. I think you'll like it. It lets you use Aid Another on everyone on the ship at once. Also have a look at the expanded Aid Another rules in Complete Adventurer, on page 96, for increased bonuses. Let's assume it all stacks--not a given by RAW, but Aid Another can really use the help. Also, it would be really, really helpful if your one level in marshal could provide a White Raven stance. For now, I've included flaws.

    Human paladin 6/marshal 1/legendary captain 10
    Feats: From Smite to Song1, Improved Aidhuman, Martial Studyflaw, Martial Stanceflaw, Chaos Music3, Extra Smitingpaladin 4, Leadership6, Great Captainlegendary captain 1, Song of the Heart9, Words of Creation12, Song of the White Raven15

    Legendary Captain level 10 is there for this ability:
    Fleet Admiral (Ex): At 10th level, your phenomenal leadership skills allow you to assist the crews of alliesí ships as well as your own. You can use the aid another action to confer a +2 morale bonus on checks made by the crews of a number of additional ships equal to your Charisma bonus (minimum one extra ship) within signaling distance (1 mile in clear conditions). You grant a +4 morale bonus on allied captainsí Profession (sailor) checks to gain the advantage in combat, and they gain the same benefits you confer. In addition, when aiding the actions of your own crew, you confer a +4 bonus instead of +2 on a successful check.

    Putting it all together
    You're a legendary captain admiral, so you're clearly wearing a vest of legends (and an admiral's bicorne, not that it matters). Your ship has one of these built into it, which is represented mechanically by an alphorn enchanted with use-activated inspirational boost (8000 gp). You spot some Lawful Evil slaver ships.

    When you sound the attack on your horn--a swift action--you grant a +10 Inspire Courage bonus to all allies within 1d10 miles. They will keep that bonus as long as you keep sounding that horn, which takes no action (but you need to stand at your command post, by the horn's mouthpiece). You can use a harmonizing weapon to continue the performance, as well.

    Having sounded the attack, you now start to issue commands. As a move action, you command the ship. As a standard action, you make a DC 30 Profession (Sailor/Siege Engineer) check, using Aid Another to grant a +4 bonus to any sailors with 5 ranks on literally a dozen ships at once (1 mile range), and +6 the sailors on your own ship. Sails are flying and ballistas are loading.

    Once the melee starts, you can, by making a single attack roll against AC 30 every round, provide all the crews on all the ships of your fleet either a +6 bonus to attack or a +6 to AC (+8 on your own ship), both applying to the next attack only. They probably need to have +5 base attack to benefit from bonuses larger than +4/+6, but that should include your entire party, at least. Meanwhile, you casually continue to command the ship as a move action, and blowing the horn every round to continue inspiring your troops.

    I think those slaver ships are going to run away from you really fast (not that they can get away: your Profession (Sailor) checks are off the charts).

    N.B. You technically need to be in melee to use Aid Another in melee, but it's reasonable to say the Great Captain feat bypasses that, since you probably can't be in melee with all of your sailors's enemies at once. Worst-case scenario, you keep a hostile skeletal monkey in a cage by your command post, and make your attack rolls against that (Aid Another deals no damage).

    N.B. The Fleet Admiral ability grants morale bonuses to crews on other ships, whereas Aid Another (including the Great Captain feat) provides circumstance bonuses. That means the sailors on your own ship can stack your Aid Another +6 circumstance to-hit with your Inspire Courage +10 morale to-hit, but the crew on other ships can't (skill and AC bonuses still work fine).

    Spoiler: Inspire Courage breakdown
    6 paladin levels
    +4 Chaos Music
    +5 vest of legends
    = +3 base bonus
    +1 Song of the Heart
    +1 inspirational boost
    = +5 total
    x2 Words of creation
    = +10 total

    Inspire Courage has a 60' range limit normally, but with the alphorn as instrument, you get a range of 1d10 miles, which equals the range of your Aid Another effect.

    When you're not on your ship, you use a masterwork natural horn instead, which increases the total by two (to 12) but doesn't get the massive range.

    Spoiler: Sources
    Feature Source Effect
    Paladin of Freedom Unearthed Arcana p. 53 Makes you chaotic good, allowing you to qualify for Chaos Music.
    Holy Warrior Complete Champion p. 49 Replaces your spellcasting with a bonus feat (Extra Smiting), since you didn't want any spells.
    Harmonious Knight substitution level 1 Champions of Valor web enhancement p. 2 Adds Perform to your class skills at level 1.
    Harmonious Knight substitution level 6 Champions of Valor web enhancement p. 2 Replaces remove disease with Inspire Competence, which is a prerequisite for Song of the Heart.
    From Smite to Song Champions of Valor p. 29 Lets you activate Inspire Courage with Smite Evil uses.
    Improved Aid Oriental Adventures p. 63 Improves Aid Another.
    Legendary Captain Stormwrack p. 56 Aid Another synergy.
    Song of the Heart Eberron Campaign Setting p. 60 Improves Inspire Courage.
    Words of Creation Book of Exalted Deeds p. 48 Doubles Inspire Courage.
    Extra Smiting Complete Warrior p. 98 Does exactly what you expect.
    Song of the White Raven Tome of Battle p. 32 Lets you activate Inspire Courage faster.
    Martial Study, Martial Stance Tome of Battle p. 31 Prerequisites for Song of the White Raven.
    Alphorn Song and Silence p. 41 Increases the range of your Inspire Courage to 1d10 miles. Yes, miles.
    Inspirational boost Spell Compendium p. 124 Improves Inspire Courage.
    Harmonizing Magic Item Compendium p. 35 Concentrates on bardic music for you (limited time only).

    You technically need Leadership for Legendary Captain--also for Purple Dragon Knight, incidentally--but let's assume you can get past that, i.e. tell your DM they never leave your ship.
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    Libris: look at your allowed sources. I don't think any of your options were from those.
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