Asaigh called the goose out! Well, sort of. It seems that roboticising a goose didn't do much good for its intelligence in the process as it completely fails to recognise her attempts at negotiation. It lets out an angry, static-y hiss as it leaps at her, metal wings a'flapping furiously to keep it in the air long enough for it to stand a chance of delivering a solid double-webbed-foot kick to her face. It's kind of pathetic, really. Taking a couple of steps backwards would probably be enough to make it drop to the floor instead.

The faint whine starts to kick in again as its eyes begin to charge up for another blast, but it's not ready to fire just yet.

Magtok's new vantage point will give him an excellent view of the rest of the room. He'll be able to see that at seemingly randomly placed locations between the lines of shelving are several more robo-lasgeese as well as couple of cyberwolves that appear to have been given a similar flesh-removing upgrades, transforming them into fully cyberwolves. As of yet, none of them have been attracted by the sounds of lasgoose-fire. In fact from this height it seems almost patheticallly easy to plot a course that would seem them through without bumping into any more of these "guards".

At the far end of the room the wires trail on through another doorway which, at least previously, led to a workshop of some sort.