Spider-Gorilla centaurs? I have now officially seen it all.

Lhosks (Scrabble fanatics, take note), in a move that pushes the definition of 'humanoid' even further, have 8 monstrous humanoid RHD. Their physical stats are pretty good with 19/17/18, their mental stats are in the 8-12 range. +3 natural armor is okay-ish, 30 ft. land speed is a bit disappointing, 20 ft. climb somewhat makes up for it. Lhosks have two slams (which'll probably be replaced by a weapon) and a bite that deals some slight damage. Their sole special ability is 8/day Entangling Web, which seems about as strong as a moderately big supply of nets and about as likely to get used.

The thing is, aside from having okay stats, thumbs, and a climb speed, Lhosks don't have that much to offer. Meanwhile, centaurs (+1 LA) have half the RHD, two hooves rather than a bite, more speed, and much better feat support. Lhosks do have their advantages over the horses, notably more reach, better dex and con, and a climb speed, but even so I don't think those make up for several more hit dice.

With that in mind, I'll assign -0 LA here. To quickly bump that up to +0, I suggest removing two or three of the lhosk's RHD, or giving them the centaur's ability to use mounted feats.