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I don't think I'd actually allow this to work, but it's a hilarious idea. (Or hey, maybe it's okay for humans to be able to cure cattle of disease with PF&D. Why not. Again, maybe in a comedic campaign.
The more I think about it, the more this idea may genuinely be too powerful to allow to work. It's not just a matter of 'clever PCs having a nice thing', it's a matter of completely ruining any plots that may involve plagues, blights, famines, or other serious catastrophes that are motivating threats to the players. This exploit would supersede the inventions of refrigeration, antibiotics, and vaccines in a medieval setting. When the ability to just eat (nutritious) dirt becomes a viable option, the people don't really need brave heroes to slay the jerk who wants to destroy the world, does it?

I guess the easiest patch is to define 'food' as non-creature biomass. That way it can still work on meat and vegetables, but not on 'food' that is still alive and susceptible to tampering.