Living Spell

I like living spells: I really do. Sadly, right now they force me to go against everything this thread stands for by assigning a LA of 'indeterminate'.

Between dozens of splatbooks filled with spells, a virtually limitless range of caster levels, and countless ways to combine spells, I simply can't assign a real LA, or even a range of LAs, to the living spell template. No rating can cover both 200 RHD Living Alarms, 1 RHD Living Wishes, and everything in between. At most, I could set up a thread where I try to find out the minimum CL a certain living spell is still balanced at.

That said, I can and will review the example spells given.

Chilling Fog

A Living Cone of Cold, at CL9. Does a single 10d6 slam per round sound like something that makes up for nine ooze RHD? That's what I thought, -0 LA.


Living Fireball and Glitterdust, CL 5. I'm frankly not quite sure five ooze RHD, no limbs (or nearly any body slots at all), mindlessness, and a very narrow set of skills (hit stuff, which burns and blinds it) is worth two okay-ish rider effects. -0 LA again.

Living Blasphemy/Dictum/Holy Word/Word of Chaos

13 RHD, the aforementioned slot trouble, and basically zero use against anything of its own alignment. -0 LA.

Sickening Sleep

Finally a decent option, although that's mostly because of the 1 RHD. That said, save-or-lose slams (with the added benefit of reducing strength), are hardly something to frown at. I personally think +0 is quite okay here, even if the lack of slots will hurt in the long run.