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    Anchor Danir
    Sex: Female
    Race: Human, Faerie Ring Radiance
    Age: ???. Anchor is clearly an adult, but also looks brand new.
    Alignment: Red / Chaotic Goodish
    Class: Wizard
    Power Rating: B- or 4
    She's a human woman with tanned, slightly olive skin. She's got straight black hair in a bob, with long bangs. She's short, only 4'10", but looks solidly built. High cheekbones and a small pointed nose. Her facial expression is usually a little nervous. She's wearing sunglasses, even indoors, but behind that her eyes are grey and almond-shaped.
    She's wearing white jodhpur trousers and steel-toed boots, a short pink tunic over long white sleeves, a belt with a dozen things hanging from it, a warm-looking dark red cloak, a pistol on one hip and a spellbook on the other, a string of lion's teeth around her neck. Her shadow doesn't quite follow her movements exactly, and sometimes doesn't look like her, or even look human.
    Personality: Determined. She may have been driven to madness, raped, tortured, killed, and brought back to life by black magic to be experimented on, but her heart is all together and in the right place. She does have a wicked sense of humor, but doesn't take it too far. A bit arrogant, but at the same time easily concerned and constantly correcting herself.
    Backstory: After Alkania died, her body was stolen by a necromancer, and reanimated as the first of the animus shadow-ghouls, the 2nd Anchor. This creature was eventually killed and brought back, plain and alive, at the temple of Inari, the 3rd Anchor. Her shadow never quite recovered.
    Upon finally making her way home to the Skullfort, Anchor discovered that she had been replaced by a robot clone, Leah.
    Having lost her racial abilities when she died, and her undead abilities when she was revived, she engrossed herself in study of Thormoses's spellbook and mastering the necromantic secrets therein.
    When she had a basic understanding of them, she set off as a wandering heroine and had various adventures: Apologized to Naku. Fought demons alongside Eschelle. Learned secrets of the Elder Continent from a fellow graverobber. Got over her old crush. Helped steal a demon-staff. Stole a kitsune's shadow. Fought the vulture king. Helped a renegade demon kill his pursuers. Overthrew a kingdom. Collected birds with Koshal. Cured Karl of his amnesia. Intruded on the Hunting Grounds. Rescued St. Lazarus from zombies. Attended the Autumn Equinox Ball. Showed newcomers the GLoG medical lab. Went to the Masque and ran into Jack, then explored the town and faced a spectre on their date. Found Zophiel on the beach. Defeated the saint of forgetfulness. Rescued past-Sekhmet from hell. Saved some people kidnapped by mermaids while accidentally kidnapping Amatheia. Saved Coralia and the other mermaids. Stopped a fight in Rivergreen and helped Myriam find the evil wizard and her own genealogy. Helped exorcise the other Zophiel.

    Spoiler: Equipment

    Anchor stores most of her equipment magically in the shadow world when she's not using it.
    • Book of Resplendent Magic: Old parchment rebound in the skin of a drowned man after its original cover was sawed off. Contains general spells. Mostly necromancy and enchantment, with a little bit of magitek.
    • Tome of Tigers: Contains pyromancy learned from Kitty.
    • Tome of Bones: Contains necromancy learned from Kitty and copies of the spells from the Book of Resplendent Magic.
    • Book of the Ship: Contains all the other magic learned from Kitty.
    • Heroine's Book: Contains general spells used by Anchor in her adventuring life.
    • Beastbreaker: A three-pointed spear or very narrow trident of exceptional length. Originally belonged to The Empress. It has its own will and actively seeks to fight monsters.
    • Firme: An unbreakable flame-bladed sword of light black crystal, so large that it ought to be a three-handed-sword.
    • A hastily made and more-hastily enchanted steelsword, designed to slay demons.
    • One (1) bolt-action 5.53 rifle.
    • Two (2) 9mm automatic pistols.
    • A pair of ruby-studded gold dancing sandals.
    • A suit-thing, off-white temple clothes, her adventuring outfit, some ill-fitting black-and-white checkered stuff.
    • A small ivory statue of a unicorn, standing a foot tall; engraved into the base is the word 'Enhornig'. Speaking the word, whilst holding the statue, transforms it into a life-sized unicorn that shall help whomever holds it before turning back into a statue an hour later (it can be used only once a day).
    • Necklace of lion's teeth, enchanted to protect the wearer from projectile attacks. It can be overwhelmed by a high volume of fire or very-high velocities.
    • Memory Spear - elegant, clean, and bright. The air around it is filled with subtle music, a warm glow, a clean scent. Touching it brings pleasant memories bubbling to the surface, memories long forgotten.
    • Dehyydrated Mountain
    • Boots that don't leave footprints.

    Spoiler: Abilities

    Wizardry: A long time ago, Anchor killed a lich and took his spellbook. She's been learning from it. She traded a spaceship to a Rakshasa in exchange for more magical knowledge. Every spell requires a magic word or phrase. When you hear the spells cast, they sound incomprehensible. ((One group of spells are minimal-level Zalgotext of a few consonants from a relevant words, separated by spaces. Another group is 3 lines of hebrew characters rotated 90 degrees clockwise and connected with vertical lines.))

    Most of a discipline of pain-magic/sadomancy; inflicting, removing, storing and transferring pain, as well as methods of using one's pain, or the pain of others nearby, to fuel other magics.
    Quite a bit on pyromancy, particularly focused on fire-spells that synergize with the pain-magic.
    Some advanced necromancy spells.
    Enough alchemy to brew a supernatural poison that bypasses most supernatural immunities or resistance to poison.
    Bits and pieces of several other magical disciplines and methods.
    Likely to backfire: a spell that summons, but doesn't control, a giant demonic scorpion.

    <Anchor> has gained some knowledge about symbolic magic. Kitty mostly uses symbolic magic in conjunction with his innate abilities, to transfer non-physical things, so Anchor may have difficulty applying that knowledge- but if she were to, for example, create a skeleton out of a mix of human and ox bones, she could symbolically give the skeleton the strength of a bull, using the cattle bones as a symbol of that strength.

    Anchor's shadow moves and acts on its own, disrespecting light sources and physics. It can move things around, it can fight other peoples' shadows.

    Anchor can make abstract and nonphysical views (such as light, color, and shadow) into solid objects. She learned this power from Lyrina, forgot it when Alkania died, and was reminded of it by Charity.

    Spoiler: Spell Reference
    Dazing: d̟̪̯̟̽̋̌ ̠͚͔̝̰͑̑̉̉ͣͬͣ͗́ẻ̐҉̥͕̯͍̺
    Agony: p̢̢̻̩͐̄ͤ ͦ̓ͩ̀͏̠s̎͐ͤ͂͏̰͎͚̰͙̜͖ ̴̶̼̣̣͉̔͞l̝̝͖̹̗͍̎͛ͨ̕͝
    Firebolt: i̇̽̏̃́͟ ̘͔͖̗͎ͯ͊̓͊͋c̙ͪ ̷̘͉̘̒n̢͕̼ͥ̔ͦ̌͑
    - 2x pain powered combo: ͍̗̹͖̝̝ͨ͛̎̕͝l̶̴͉̣̣̼̔͞ ͖̜͙̰͚͎̰͏͂ͤ͐̎s̠͏̀ͩ̓ͦ ̢̢̩̻ͤ̄͐p i̇̽̏̃́͟ ̘͔͖̗͎ͯ͊̓͊͋c̙ͪ ̷̘͉̘̒n̢͕̼ͥ̔ͦ̌͑ - i̇̽̏̃́͟ ̘͔͖̗͎ͯ͊̓͊͋c̙ͪ ̷̘͉̘̒n̢͕̼ͥ̔ͦ̌͑ !

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