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    Default Re: Final Fantasy Record Keeper X-2: Gems, Mithril, Salt - In Position!


    Another 2/11, this time 2x Fujinís Glint.

    Worst use of 100 mythril since before the days of guaranteed min 1/11.

    At least I still have enough mythril for the rest of RoP and LDs.

    EDIT: Went ahead and did 1 more pull (now down to 37 mythril, but that's k, the fest banners don't interest me), got Fujin's AOSB, Selphie BSB, and Raijin BSB dupe. I'd say that last one's worth it.

    Yeah, decent upgrade, 2 relics for Fujin, 3 for Selphie (got her SSB from the VIII draw).
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