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    These are here to use. You have permission to use them in any home game you like. If you do, I would love to hear stories of how they worked for others.

    You do not have permission to steal them for any publication without permission.
    Battling Bowman - Ranged based artificer who has special projectiles created on the fly so to say.

    Barbarian Paths
    Path of Dumb Luck - Barbarian path based on lucky hits, with a decent amount of out of combat utility for a barbarian.
    Path of the Bloodied - Path where you gain abilities as you take damage while raging.

    Bardic Colleges:
    College of the Luchador - A bardic wrestling subclass

    Cleric Domains:
    Evangelism - A subclass based on the idea of a faith healer
    Plant - Natural domain using plants to protect the caster
    Water - Natural Domain that uses water to react to triggers and debugg
    Air - Offensive focused subclass
    Animal - Offense focused subclass that develops and improves natural weapons
    Middle Management - Somewhat silly subclass in flavor, but has the ability to boost others on your team.
    Madness Domain - A cleric who worships the eldritch horrors and does psychic damage.It uses the madness charts from the DMG as a status capstone.

    Druid Circles:
    Elemental Warrior - Melee Focused Druid who does does extra elemental damage
    Pocket Monster - A summoner subclass that has a pokemon feel to it.

    Fighter Martial Archetypes:
    Fencer - A fighter subclass based around the Renaissance fencer. Utilizing a light finesse weapon, and a cape or cloak in your other hand to assist in defense
    Enlightened Warriors - Wisdom Based fighter

    Monk Traditions:
    Way of the Predator - Natural based monk, a monk who lives and survives in the wild and learns from beast predators
    Way of the Shrine Guardian - A monk who has grown up working in a shrine, uses the Ki to power charms that give passive bonuses and active abilities.

    Paladin Oaths:
    Oath of Two Faces - A Paladin Oath based on the Batman Villain Two-Face.

    Rogue, Tavern Wench - Rogue subclass, who is skilled at improvised weapons and unarmed combat, and is at home in a crowd

    Wizard Arcane Traditions:
    Pinball Wizard - A fun subclass build around the Who's Tommy

    Awakened Animals - Play as an awakened beast.

    Other Fun Stuff:
    Ranged Cantrips - Booming Blade/Green Flame Blade for ranged users
    Blade Ward and True Strike Replacement cantrips

    Premade One Shots:
    Treasure Hunt Riddle Solving - Level 3
    Into the cult caves - Dungeon Crawl - Level 4
    Gladiator Arena - Level 5
    Heist Mission - Level 6
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    ● IV-Pinball Wizard
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    ● XV-Monk, Way of the Shrine Guardian
    ● XVI-Cleric, Madness Domain
    ● XVIII-Fighter, Chef
    ● XXI-Artificer, Battling Bowman
    ● XXV-Ley Line Sorcerer