Had game yesterday (last session of one of the longest-running campaigns I had with my current group, which is not really saying much since the difference between the longest and this is by orders of months), so I couldn't post...but I could actually pull.

First, Daily Draws. No dice. Yesterday was a 1*. Whoop-de-doo.

Second, Happy Gacha. Didn't mention the loot for VIII (poor, poor VIII, will not appear on the Switch for some time!). 1/3, no Disco, no dupe.

  • Edea's Sorceress' Crown+! I kid you not, that's how it's written; otherwise, it'd be a 4* item that was boosted once, that happens to have something. It'd be hilarious if that was the case, but it's not - it's actually Edea's LMR, which...is pretty much Rinoa's LM2? Funny enough, I got the LMRs for Edea and Ultimecia, yet I don't use either because they lack any other SBs, and because Rinoa and Fujin are objectively better in every regard (Rinoa has Witch and Summon; Fujin has Support and Ninja).

Then, FFVII. Mama's Boy, so won't pu-hey, wait a sec.

XII: the Zodiac Age will appear on Switch. Made a pull, got a Disco.
X/X-2 Remaster will appear on Switch. Made a pull, got a Disco.
IX will appear on Switch. Made a pull, got a Disco.
VII will appear on Switch. What if I pull and get a Disco?

Turns out...that's not the case. 1/3, no Disco, dupe. *sigh*
  • Cid's Viper Halberd. That's his old Burst, which I already have. For one, it's not a Mama's Boy relic, so I'm thankful for that. Also, Cid could use a stronger realm-specific spear, so might as well get something good. Count your blessings?

And finally, banner 2 of FFVIII (aka, the not-Quinoa banner, but the Disciplinary Committee banner). Seifer's Chain, Fujin's USB, stuff for Raijin...what's not to like?

2/11, ONE DISCO, no dupes.
  • Selphie's Guise! Ok, that's her LMR, and it's Light Ar--wait, LAST STAND on single-casting? That's utter bollocks! Man, if she only had double--hold on, that's her LM2. Insane.
  • Selphie's Bracelet!? How is a Bangle considered to be a 6* item over Light Armor? Again, insane. However, this one is...I believe it's the ultimate healer Medica for FFVIII (well, the only one). Instant-Cast, Astra (another source of Astra? Man, Larsa, you got played badly!), Reraise (...ouch). Reraise is bad, because it's not Last Stand - wait, Selphie's LMR, which I JUST GOT, grants Last Stand. OK, nevermind, Selphie just rose to top healer in one day. Plus I got her BSB, which grants IC Curaja on Command 1.

...Crud. I just became Sempai, didn't I?