Lizardfolk, Poison Dusk

Probably the last monster that'll be covered in this thread before I make a new one.

Right now, poison dusk lizardfolk are +1, but they lack RHD which makes them surprisingly interesting.

Comparing poison dusks to whisper gnomes gives some interesting info. Ability-wise, poison dusk have two more points of strength (not very relevant for most Small characters), +3 natural armor, two claws, a bite, poison use, Hold Breath, and some bonuses to Balance, Swim, and Jump.

Whisper gnomes have +4 Hide: poison dusk have +5, though the latter ability doesn't function while they wear armor or covering clothing. Both races also have mostly useless Weapon Familiarity with some stuff. Try to remember the last time you used a bola or hooked hammer, please.

The gnomes' advantages are +4 Move Silently, darkvision, some bonuses against specific races, and most importantly the SLAs. They also have way better support.

To me, the poison dusk doesn't seem universally stronger than the whisper gnome, especially at higher levels. Keeping that in mind, I'll assign +0. I'll be honest and admit that it's pretty close to +1, though.