That's a good one, and it's been a bit of a journey for me. I liked some metal when I was younger, mostly Maiden (Infinite Dreams was my jam) and Faith No More (Angel Dust, start to finish), stumbled on Saviour Machine (Legion!!) thanks to a christian friend I exchanged mixtapes with. But my tastes on the fringes leaned more goth/noise/experimental, as my friends got into extreme metal in the 90s, it wasn't doing much for me.

Fast forward a decade. My favorite band is Current 93. They do a split with Om, which leads me to Sleep. A friend recommends Jesu, Isis, Boris and Sun O))). I check back in with Opeth, and see they've discovered Comus (who I also love, and discovered through C93). At this point, I'm far more open to metal, though my tastes are still on the fringey ends. So if we're going to credit one song, it'd be the Om side of the C93 split, "Rays Of The Sun / To The Shrinebuilder"