Nondescript Alleyway - Inside

"Hold on. Real magic. Maybe we shouldn't rush to VIGIL just yet. Give me a second to try something," Saint Lazarus asks, before moving her hands to her neck, slowly removing her helmet. Oh man, she's got some pretty awful helmet hair. It's pretty obviously she hasn't had access to any kind of shampoo or conditioner for a while, as her shoulder-length jet-black locks just kinda hang down all over the place. She's sort of an unpleasant pale green now, like some half-orcs, and her face may have been pretty once, like she claimed back in Trog's, but something clawed a pretty nasty scar into her left cheek, and it's never healed since. Plus there's the whole creepy piercing red eyes thing, you know that's kind of a turn-off for most people.

"The infection kinda made my eyes all weird. I can see in magic-o-vision now, not just normal color. People glow different colors and at different brightness levels depending on how magic they are. Most people are like a campfire. You're a big scary column of sun-bright doom," she explains, before turning her magical eyeballs on the serial killer and his disgusting mess. Got to be something useful here, right? "If looking at this makes me go crazy, put me down nice and gentle-like, okay? One punch through the head. Quick though, and no holding back, because I move fast and can bite arms off."