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    Default The Homebrewer's Extended Signature

    Artificer Specialties:

    Barbarian Paths:
    • Path of the Mad Chemist - A juggernaut-style path Based on League of Legend's Singed (submitted to D&D Subclass Contest IV: I Read This in a Book, Once)
    • Path of the Lunari - a moon-powered path Based on League of Legend's Diana (Submitted to 5e Slapdash Subclass Challenge II)
    • Path of the Shifter - A werewolf-style path that allows Barbarians to use wild shape while raging.

    Bardic Colleges
    • The College of Mentalism - Telepathic / Illusionist subclass based on M:tG's Jace Beleren
    • Faustian College - a fiendish-themed subclass for those who search for talent in all the wrong places: "A devil went down to Cormyr..." (Submitted to D&D Subclass Contest VIII: Something Borrowed taking 3rd place)

    Cleric Domains

    Druid Circles

    Fighter Archetypes
    • Willforger - a emotion manipulation subclass based on M:tG's Angrath
    • Void Survivor - Archetype based on LoL's Kai'Sa.

    Monastic Traditions:

    Paladin Oaths

    Further Revised 5e Ranger - Base Class Revision, including Wild Shape & Spell-less options, available for all existing conclaves.
    Ranger Conclaves:
    • Conclave of the Survey Corps - an incredibly mobile subclass, based on the Survey Corps from the Attack on Titan series
    • Arachnomancer Ranger - Spider Themed Subclass, based on Drow society and a little bit of spiderman
    • Longshot Conclave - A Fate/random manipulation class loosely based on probability manipulating characters, such as the mutants Longshot & Domino, Cameron Hicks from Alphas, Deadshot, and the like. (Submitted to D&D Subclass Contest VII: Well, That's Fortunate)

    Roguish Archetypes:
    • Quantum Trickster - a size-changing subclass, based on Ant-Man & The Wasp from the Marvel Cinematic Universe
    • Timebreaker - a chronomancy (time magic) based subclass, based on League of Legend's Ekko & Overwatch's Tracer
    • Ghost Slayer - a Ghost Hunting subclass, based on M:tG's Kaya
    • Arrogate - a party-leader subclass (submitted to D&D Subclass Contest IX: Follow Me and taking 3rd place!)

    The Sorcerer Revisited, my version of the 5e sorcerer using spell points with new metamagic options.
    Sorcerer Bloodlines:
    • Shield Magic - based on M:tG's Teyo Verada
    • Mutagenic Sorcerer, a support-based class based on the Simic Guild of MTG's Ravnica. [I](Submitted to D&D Subclass Contest III: So You Don't Have To, and taking 3rd place).
    • Cryomancer bloodline - based on the UA Sea Sorcerer and the PS Pyromancer.

    Warlock Patrons:
    • The Gate of Truth - a conjuration and transmutation based subclass, based on the protagonists from the Fullmetal Alchemist series
    • Gaia - A earth/druidic themed patron, based on the protagonists from Kevin Hearne's Iron Druid Chronicles
    • The Soulless- Necromancer Subclass based on M:tG's Liliana Vess
    • The Symbiote - based on Marvel's Venom tangentially attached to the MCU.
    • Hadar - debuffer archetype based on empowering the Hadar-themed spells.
    • Master Hand - goofy Meta-patron based on the BBEG from Super Smash Brother's Franchise, and mechanically expanding on the Bigby's Hand mechanics. (submitted to, and took 2nd place in D&D Subclass Contest VI: Bunch of Fives
    • Bloodlord Patron - a vampiric themed patron, based on M:tG's Sorin Markov
    • The Herald - reality warping & minion-summoning patron based on LoL's Malzahar
    • The Undying - a revision of the underwhelming patron released in SCAG

    Wizard School:
    • The Deathsinger - A wizard school based on League of Legend's Karthus, which makes the line between dead & alive a bit... messy
    • School of Galvimancy - A lightning-based school based on M:tG's Ral Zarek

    New Base Class:

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