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1. Other than via summoned allies, the class seems very low on damage output. Either give it more damage invocations or some inherent means of dealing damage.
2. I'd lose the part of preparing invocations altogether. The class has a finite repertoire and no real means of abusing action economy, so that restriction seems unfair, tedious and annoying.
3. I see no reason why Spell Unbinding shouldn't progress at levels 5, 9, 13 and 17.
4. I'd give the Dabbler means of granting allies resistance vs. dismissal/banishment/wards. It's within reason to choose between this and #1, if both seem too much to you.
5. I notice that Planar Breach is equivalent to a 9th level spell. IIRC, all other invocations are 8th level equivalent tops.
6. Lose the "Width" constraint on the table. It'll make it more pleasant on the eyes. With some more tinkering and formatting, this seems a lot better to me:
1/4. This is definitely true and something that I've noticed during playtesting. On the other hand, the class's summoned allies more than make up for this at higher levels, but I have been tinkering around with making changes that would help for levels 1-9. As for point four, that hasn't been an issue that I've noticed during playtesting, but I will admit that it would probably be a good idea nonetheless.
2. The concept behind prepared invocations is that the Dabbler has access to roughly the same number of invocations as a Warlock of the equivalent level, however the Dabbler has the ability to swap out the invocations they're using depending on what the expect to deal with on any given day.
3. Looking back at the table I tend to agree with this, so I'll probably be making that change at some point.