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    Post-Invasion, by the river in Northside

    "Ugh. Needs, we've been up and down this shoreline all day. We've been doing this for three days now, and we haven't found even one wish-granting talking fish or whatever. Besides, if there was such a fish, it probably died in the war a couple days ago. Can we stop this already? Can I go home?" a MagClone with angelic wings and a white suit pleads, tired of walking up and down the stupid river as his orange-robed brother Needs hovers over it, staring down into the water, peering into its murky depths, presumably in search of this magical tuna.

    "Fish? We were never here for a fish, my brother Nephilim. I said that we would walk this shore seven times seven times over the course of three days, and a wish would be granted. Not a fish. Who would do all of this for a fish?" The very idea is utterly ridiculous, even for Needs. Why, if he wanted to, he could just pluck any living thing he wanted from the river! Besides, how would walking help with catching fish? Preposterous. Ambriel speaks utterly preposterous nonsense, and to think, they call Needs the crazy one!

    "Well this is our seventh time today and the only thing I'm wishing for right now is-HEY DON'T YOU VANISH ON ME LIKE THAT! I'M NOT DONE TALKING TO YOU, YOU LITTLE-" Did Needs just ****ing throw a smoke bomb and disappear?! Raptor Christ, what an aggravating little freak! He really did walk up and down this beach forty-nine times for his weird little brother, watching him trace those weird runes across the riverbank every time. He thought they were finally starting to get along, to understand and accept each other, and then he pulls this?! God, was all of this just a big stupid alien prank all along?! Needs, what the hell?! Why would you do that?! Of all the worthless, rotten, despicable things to-

    ...hold on, is that Ithuriel on that bench over there?
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